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Money Back Guarantee Being PaidWe publish money back guarantee news, reviews, and articles for consumers and businesses.

A lot of companies claim they offer a money back guarantee but when it comes down to them honoring their word, do they? From my research it appears that most do but there are a lot of scams out there of people selling something fast and then disappearing off the face of the planet.

Money back guarantees definitely have a lot of power in persuading people to part from their money so the purpose of this site is to highlight both the good and the bad of money back guarantees as well as educate businesses about the benefits and negatives of offering a money back guarantee for products and services.

Should your company offer a money back guarantee?

Many businesses take pride in offering a money back guarantee while other companies are hesistant or afraid of offering money back guarantees because they fear they'll lose a lot of money if customers request refunds.

How to Spot a Money Back Guarantee Scam

The words "Money Back Guarantee" are powerful. They've been used to persuade people of all education levels to part from their hard earned money. Smart people and not so smart people are comforted by the notion that if you don't get value from your purchase then you can simply request a refund and poof your hard earned money is back in your hands. It is a very comforting thought but when it comes down to getting your money back it's often anything but a comfortable experience.